My first promo pic, taken Sept. 1999.

Promo pic, taken Feb. 2001.

Promo pic, taken Feb. 2001. 

Squaring off against Justin Credible on Sunday Night Heat,
Kemper Arena, Feb. 2001. 

Justin Credible dodges my attack.

Putting a wrestling hopeful to the test while I was
lead instructor at the Harley Race Wrestling Academy, Feb. 2001.

Reading to Highland Elementary School students during
"All That" Matt Murphy Day, April 2001.

Celebrating a win at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, June 2001.

A gaijin night out in Japan.
Pictured: (front, from left) Terry Ray Gordy Jr., Richard Slinger, me, Scorpio, Donovan Morgan,
(back, from left) Bison Smith, Juventud Guerrera, Bull Schmitt.

Johnny Gold, former boxing world champ Leon Spinks, me, and Superstar Steve.
Aug. 2001.

Doing play-by-play with guest commentator Trevor Murdoch,
WLW on Ozark TV, Sept. 2007.

Harley Race (center) with his wrestling school's first graduates,
 me and Trevor Murdoch.
Dec. 2007.