Monday, January 3, 2011

THE SOMEBODY OBSESSION release date is three weeks from today

Just three weeks to go until the official release date of THE SOMEBODY OBSESSION: A NOBODY'S DESPERATE JOURNEY TO STARDOM, although it may actually show up for sale on Amazon a day or two before then.  While I don't expect to make a significant profit from the book, I'm confident that the Kindle version will quickly ascend to #1 on the Amazon bestsellers list in the Wrestling category and hope the print version can do the same.  Those will be nice accomplishments, but it would be nice to see my book crack the top 100 on the overall Kindle bestseller list as well.  The success of the book will be highly dependent on word-of-mouth and Amazon reviews, but I believe I have a solid marketing plan that will get my story in the hands of enough readers to make it successful.

Because I self-published, Amazon doesn't have my book available for pre-order.  So it makes little sense to do a whole lot of marketing until I have a place to send the traffic.  I created a Facebook page for THE SOMEBODY OBSESSION, but that hasn't turned out too hot with just 40 followers so far.  Turns out most of the 400-plus people who were sent the invite never received it and Facebook won't allow me to resend it to them.  You can follow it by clicking here.

I know that some people will love the book and some will hate it.  I don't expect too many people to be on the fence.  To share an artistic endeavor, especially one so personal and one which required hundreds of hours to complete, is rewarding.  That reward, however, comes with risk.  It takes thick skin to read criticism, separate the useful information from the crap, and use it constructively to make myself a better storyteller.

THE SOMEBODY OBSESSION just received its first bit of criticism.  A guy made assumptions without knowing anything about my book except that I was critical of my mom in it.  He questioned my motive for writing the book, suggesting it might be for money or for attention.  Let's address the money issue first.  If I sell 5,000 copies, the book would be considered an enormous success by any publisher in the country (the average book sells less than 300 copies, and that's with Stephenie Meyer and James Patterson figured into the equation).  My cut of that money would be about $10,000.  Given the time I devoted to writing, editing, editing, editing, laying out, designing, and promoting my book, I will earn less than minimum wage.  Realistically, it will take good fortune to sell 1,000 copies of THE SOMEBODY OBSESSION.  So money obviously isn't my motivation.  Attention?  I'm socially awkward and I feel embarrassed these days when someone recognizes me in public as Matt Murphy, former pro wrestler.  I've signed thousands of autographs; while I'd never decline a request, I don't get giddy anymore the way I did the first couple-hundred times and I don't care if I ever sign another.  I don't feel a need to be adored once again.  The first version of my autobiography, THE STORY OF A NOBODY AND THE PURSUIT TO BECOME A SOMEBODY, and my 2008 book, THE PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER IN THE WORLD OF SPORTS-ENTERTAINMENT, have both connected with an audience.  It's a wonderful feeling to hear from a reader who has been entertained, educated, and/or inspired by my written work.  I won't rant on every bit of negative feedback I receive and I don't value an uninformed opinion, but I thought this was a good time to clear the air about my motivation for writing and publishing THE SOMEBODY OBSESSION.

On to the topic of the content which is critical of my mom and others ...

I am very grateful for anyone who reads my story, whether they've purchased the book themselves or borrowed it from a friend or local library.  When a person reads a book, they are making an investment in time that is lost forever.  I can't guarantee every person will consider the time they spend reading my book as time well-spent, but I wholeheartedly believe that I owe it to those readers to be honest with them, to tell my story as completely and truthfully as possible.  And I'll offer no apologies to those I offend with truthful statements, even if they are hurtful.  If anyone brings it to my attention that I have written something inaccurate, I will be glad to set the record straight on my blog, website, and Facebook, and in any revised editions of the digital and print versions.

Thanks in advance to everyone ordering the book.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts and reading your reviews on Amazon.

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